Fareed Al Zarooni

Fareed Al Zarooni is an Emirati national brought up in a family with a strong head for business. He was exposed, from a young age, to the way of doing business in the Middle East by his elders. Learning the tricks of the trade as a youngster, he developed and refined his business acumen to what it is today.
He is an active member of the Al Zarooni Family, one of the wealthiest and most highly respected reputable families in Dubai. He is an accomplished banker with a powerful network in the UAE and throughout the Gulf Cooperation Countries. His background involves major and varied businesses and brands that have proven their success over the past 50 years contributing to the economy of the UAE within several industries and sectors.

Darby Angel
Chief Executive

Darby is the Chief Executive of the Company and he directly oversees the Commodities and Structured Finance Divisions in the company.
He was directly involved in the Independent Film Industry as an Executive Producer and was the CEO of AngelWorld Entertainment which raised a fund of $150M in conjunction with a Merchant Bank in the USA. Prior to AngelWorld, he spent approximately 20 years in the IT industry, as an entrepreneur who was involved in startups, mergers and acquisitions or IPO’s or as Senior Executive in a number of Multi National IT companies. He has in his career to date, capital raised and put in place equity and debt finance structures to the tune of $3BN.

Andy Karia
Sales Manager

Andy is a serial entrepreneur who has had considerable success in the UK housing industry. He leads from the front and drives projects to completion on time and above specification with the force of his enthusiasm.
Since 2009, He has turned his attention to sustainable forestry and renewable biomass. He has spent a great deal of time in researching and searching the world for sustainable forestry supply that meets UN sustainability goals and he is largely responsible for the company being able to supply the timber that it does. He has spent the past five years in Africa securing an unbeatable spread and supply of sustainable EU Grade hardwood supply with the bio product of EU Grade Biomass. He has considerable interests in the field of free energy and the application of modern technology to house the populations of poorer nations of the world. He is responsible for the company’s sustainable hardwood and biomass production and logistics supply from Africa and as such spends a vast amount of time in our African operations.